Seeing the Shadow of the RSV in Spanish.

The fact that I Peter 3:21 takes “like figure” out, and thereby teaches that baptism saves, is not the King James Bible’s fault. If Mr. Nida in the 1960 is trying to air-condition Hell with an RSV word like “Hades” it’s not the King James Bible’s fault. Yes, if you measure it by TRUTH it will have to line up with the King James Bible because truth doesn’t change from one language to another.

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How God preserved His words in Spanish through the RVG. Learn the true motives and desires of those behind this work.

The book also includes a 44-page chart showing

corruptions that found their way into Spanish Bibles,

and how they are corrected in the RVG 2010.

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In an article, David L. Johnston wrote: 1) Christians were using the word “Allah” for God before Muhammad was born, and 2) “Allah” is the only Arabic word for God.

Both assertions are false. The Arabic word for God, whether with small or capital “g” is “ilah,” not “Allah,” which was what the pre-Islamic Christians used.

Who IS this Allah?

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“Behold The Sea Dog Of Allah”

For people who are not involved in the skill of translation, it may come as a surprise to realize that there is a long history of controversy concerning the correct definition of translation.

Are King James Bible Believers Who Use And Support the 1960 Spanish bible True King James Bible Believers?

If a foreign bible is not faithful to the pure Hebrew and Greek text then you would think that a true Bible-believer would reject these bibles just as they reject the NIV, ASV, RSV, NWT, etc. So why would any true King James Bible-believer use or support a foreign bible that has hundreds of corrupt Critical Text readings in a bible like the 1960 Reina Valera Spanish bible?

Missionary and foundations Evangelist

Bro. Samuel Turk is a missionary to Indonesia and a Bible translation evangelist. He is also one of our proofreaders. He and his family are presently in the US, visiting churches to raise funds for their own ministry, and also raising funds for the Indonesia Bible translation project.

The cost of translating the King James Bible

We have no way of determining the US dollar value of their work, but without a doubt the cost was very great—exceedingly greater than most people realize. It is easier to estimate the cost of translating the King James Bible. Tyndale did the foundation work. Other man worked to perfect Tyndale’s work through four revisions. How much did this fifth revision cost?

The Translator’s Revived (quotes)

The translating of the Bible into any language is an event of the highest importance to those by whom that language is spoken. And when such a translation will be read for successive centuries, by uncounted millions it becomes a work of the highest compassionate and moral interest, especially for those of us who take the great commission seriously.

Is ‘Allah’ in the “Original” Bible?

The Hebrew word used for God in Genesis 1:1 is ‘Elohim’ - not ‘Allah’, ‘alah,’ ‘ale’ or ‘elah’; and this word ‘Elohim’ appears 32 times in Genesis chapter one alone. Altogether, it appears 2,570 times in the Old Testament. IT IS A PLURAL WORD WHICH ESTABLISHES THE PLURALITY IN UNITY OF DEITY. This negates and destroys any identity with the Allah of the Quran because, grammatically, the word ‘Allah’ does not even allow plurality.

double inspiration: true or false?

Some have asked, “Bro. Manny, do you believe in Double Inspiration?” The tricky part of answering a question like this is that some preachers have different ideas of what Double Inspiration really is.

“Why?  You don’t speak Spanish!”

The following question has been asked of us, and needs to be answered: "Why are you inserting yourself in the Spanish Bible issue when you neither speak Spanish nor are you called to the Spanish speaking world?"  There are many important reasons: ...

Which English Bible Corrected Your Spanish Bible?

“I don't believe the English Bible should correct the Spanish Bible”

The previous statement was made by the most outspoken of our critics; he makes such a statement while holding in his hand a Spanish Bible that was “corrected” by ENGLISH BIBLES.


the double standard outside the borders of the USA

“There is a double standard outside the borders of the USA. Samuel Turk has mentioned a great problem. I know whereof I speak, I have lived this for the last 12 years.”

The Need For A Supportive Sending Church

A SUPPORTIVE sending church is one of the most important factors in the success or failure of a missionary. Having spent over ten years of my life as a missionary's son in Indonesia, I offer the following thoughts about a missionary and his sending church.


Knowing that they can't win in a public discussion of the corrupt translations they are using, Critical-Text advocates attempt to distract from the Bible issue, and to silence the advocates of Textus-Receptus-based translations by false accusations.

Satanic Motivation

“Yea, hath God said?” Any man or movement which encourages doubt in God's Word (or God’s ability to accurately translate His word) is satanically motivated. When men begin to cast doubt on God’s word, you can be sure that Satan is close at hand, “For God is not the author of confusion” (I Corinthians 14:33)

a line in the sand

Verbal, plenary inspiration, verbal, plenary preservation, and verbal plenary translation of the original texts of God’s word is the foundation of all Christian doctrines, because, if our Bible isn’t reliable, then we can’t be sure that anything the Bible teaches is true.


It has long been assumed that the name ‘Allah’ was used by Pre-Islamic Christians in Arabia. If that were so, where is the hard evidence?

Parable of Water

To the naked eye the water from this river looked crystal clear... Can a person who is dying of thirst be saved by giving him water to drink from a polluted river?

The Received Text for the World

Most Independent Baptist missionaries use Bible translations that are very different from the King James text because the translations are based upon the Critical Text.

Translating and the Great CommissioN

The church was never told to teach ALL things to ALL nations in the Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. Nor was English the specified language.

Three great books available on

Kindle edition also available!

Kindle edition also available!

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11:3

This book compares Islamic theology with Christian theology found in the Bible and shows how Muslim Imams (preachers) love to use Critical Text based translations of the Bible to shred to pieces any faith that a person might have in Jesus, and cast doubt in God’s word. Using MT&TR based translations (such as the KJV) Islamic theology crumbles and Jesus rightfully remains on the throne.  It DOES matter what translation of the Bible we use!

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