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This book compares Islamic theology with Christian theology found in the Bible and shows how Muslim Imams (preachers) love to use Critical Text based translations of the Bible to shred to pieces any faith that a person might have in Jesus, and cast doubt in God’s word. Using MT&TR based translations (such as the KJV) Islamic theology crumbles and Jesus rightfully remains on the throne.  It DOES matter what translation of the Bible we use!

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How God preserved His words in Spanish through the RVG. Learn the true motives and desires of those behind this work.

The book also includes a 44-page chart showing

corruptions that found their way into Spanish Bibles,

and how they are corrected in the RVG 2010.

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In an article, David L. Johnston wrote: 1) Christians were using the word “Allah” for God before Muhammad was born, and 2) “Allah” is the only Arabic word for God.

Both assertions are false. The Arabic word for God, whether with small or capital “g” is “ilah,” not “Allah,” which was what the pre-Islamic Christians used.

Who IS this Allah?

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